Design Concepts

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The Process

Toner Design can tailor a package to meet your needs and budget.

The process:

  1. Initial Meeting.
    Toner Design bears the cost for the initial meeting, so there is no initial cost to you. At the meeting you provide a brief on your requirements and the budget you are working within.

  2. Site Inspection.
    It is important to inspect the site prior to preparing concepts to ensure council requirements are met. 

  3. Concept Drawing.
    Toner Design completes a concept drawing which outlines how the building will fit onto the land.

  4. 2nd meeting to view Concept Drawing.
    This meeting is held to view the proposed concept and to make any changes.

  5. Pre-lodgement Meeting with Council (where required or at client’s request).
    A pre-lodgement meeting is held with Council to advise them of the submission prior to lodgement and address any issues they may foresee. 

  6. Lodge DA (Development Application) to council.
    The Development application for the project is lodged to council.

  7. Working Drawings.
    Detailed working drawings incorporating details and specifications of the design are completed once council approval of the DA is received.

  8. Organise Builder Quotes.
    Tenders are organised from selected builders. On receipt they are analysed and then presented to the client.

  9. Construction Certificate Application is lodged with either Council or a private certifying authority. 

  10. Toner Design offers a project management service for the duration of construction if requested.